Bitumen emulsion production

We produce all kinds of bitumen emulsion required for customers in both Latvia and abroad that meets all of the Latvian national road standards. And are used in all road construction elements, inter layers, hole repair and surface treatment.

Asphalt concrete production (hot)

Our asphalt concrete factory is fully certified by all possible asphalt concrete brands that are available in the Latvian market and we carry out also development of private orders according to customer's request. Asphalt AC, SMA, PA, SA, EA.

Cold asphalt

For hole repair and temporary pavement construction.

Bitumen sale

Bitumen also available for all kinds of road construction needs. All kinds of brands, whatever customers need.

Truck scale services up to 60 000 kg

Are offered large truck scale services that you can use for purchased or imported materials comparison.

Mineral materials trade

Is possible cold mineral material acquisition that is both dolomite and granite.